Carbone team

The Carbone team’s research focuses on malware and all its interactions: systems, networks, criminal ecosystems and so on.

Three main objectives have been set:

  1. Defence against malware 
  • Analysis and reverse engineering of malware using white-box (DSE) and black-box (program synthesis, grammatical inference) approaches. 
  • Detection of malicious behaviour
  • Forensics 
  1. Understanding offensive tactics
  • Adversarial example and supply chain attack
  • Building an attack chain
  1. An interdisciplinary approach to the study of malicious ecosystems
  • The study of organisations and communications
  • The study of underground economies 

Carbone team is one of temp of DefMal project (PEPR Cybersecurity – France 2030 – ANR).

The Carbone team is one of the main contributors to the High Security Laboratory (LHS). 

The team’s life is animated by weekly meetings to follow up on research activities, as well as by our club lectures and DefMal webinars.

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